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For the Life of the World Week 2: Economy of Love

This week’s lesson focused on the purpose of family, and what it means to be a Christian family. The video started out by challenging us to consider the sobering statistics that show little discernible difference between born-again Christians and agnostics/atheists with regard to divorce rates and premarital sex: 32% of Christians get divorced, compared to […]

Faith@Work Series

Over the next several weeks, our church leadership team will be undergoing a series of studies on the topic of “faith at work.” This will be a multifaceted small group that will meet weekly and watch the For the Life of the World DVD series, engage in deep discussions and prayer, and read Work Matters […]

One Body, One Vision

The Friday before our first preview service, the core team gathered at Pastor Dave’s house for a prayer meeting. We went around and shared what we were thankful for. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly), everyone’s response was some version of how this church plant has blessed them, given them hope and purpose, and fulfilled a calling to be missional.

Praise Series: Conflict Redeemed

In his account of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah warned against outside discouragement and internal division (Nehemiah 5). Both are strategies that Satan uses to oppose the work of God.

The last few weeks has seen an intense ramping up of planning for upcoming servant evangelism projects and our three preview services. Our last couple core group meetings have lasted well into late Sunday afternoons, and the planning continues into the week in the form of emails, phone calls, texts, and more meetings.

Introducing, Our Logo

We’ve been struggling with finding an image that will embody what Commission Church stands for, and be simple, unique, and instantly recognizable. We wanted something that would look good in monochromatic printing (for when we can only print in grayscale), and that would look good as an icon for our online presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).