For the Life of the World Week 7: Church

Week 7, which is the last week in the series, defined the following unfamiliar words for us:

Anamnesis – A memory that is a lived memory
Prolepsis – The not yet now

Anamnesis is embodied in Jesus’ words “Do this in remembrance of me.”  It denotes a type of active memory in which we live via creative service and love in contrast to just passively remembering something without taking action.  My takeaway from this is that we don’t just remember what Jesus said and did, but take those actions to heart by actively emulating his life in our daily activities by serving others.

Prolepsis means that all events (past, present, future) are present now.  The example of an acorn in which exists the future oak tree is present now was given.   Looking at the Bible as a whole Christians, while not necessarily understanding all the details, have in the “now” a look at the past, present and future of God’s overall plan.  We as individuals have a past, present and future which is present now; we are all part of God’s plan.  Keeping the fact that God has a purpose for us can be a source of comfort during times of stress as we tend to become myopic in our outlook when problems arise.

Collectively, we as individuals come together as a family and become the body of Christ which is the Church.  Just like we use our physical bodies to perform work that benefits our friends and family, so too does God use the body of Christ to perform work that benefits the world.  Some of the practical aspects of this are giving people hope by pointing out God’s plan for the world to those in distress; aiding families within and without the Church; and performing our secular work in a way that honors God.

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Overall, the For the Life of the World series has helped me to be become more conscious of the need to remember that my daily actions reflect not only upon myself, but upon God and that by working as if working for God, my life and work have purpose.  Also, I need to be more active in seeking out opportunities to comfort and aid others by creatively using my individual talents and attributes in service to others.


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