For the Life of the World Week 5: Economy of Wisdom

Tonight the thing that really impacted my thought was the reality that God created me “fearfully and wonderfully.” “Fearfully” meaning, “with great interest, heartfelt interest and respect,” and “wonderfully” translated as “unique, set apart, uniquely marvelous.”

The thought that God with sincere care to make sure we are created a certain way – reveals how much he cares for all of us…as well as for me individually. How wonderful to know God created me for a purpose and that he took time to make sure that I would be equipped with certain gifts to potentially make it happen. This is not only true for me, but true for others in our community as well.

Each and everyone is made fearfully and wonderfully.

As part of the church family, we see how others are gifted in many ways. It’s amazing how God brings together people in the church with different gifts and when working together harmoniously — it is truly beautiful. We saw this in practice, when God brought together a few dedicated followers (each very different in so many ways), yet ready to serve God in all aspects of the church plant. The combination of everyone’s talents and gifts worked well like oiled gears working together – each had a role to play and each worked perfectly for the glory of God.

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Seeing the potential of how church can be and the possibility of what can get accomplished by knowing each others gifts motivates me to encourage individuals to acknowledge their unique gifts, practice to reach their potential and not be scared to use it. Just as God was fearfully and wonderfully vested in us…so must we show the same care to encourage others of their potential.


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