5 Compelling Characteristics After 5 Years

In no particular order, these are the five most interesting and compelling characteristics I see for Commission Church after it has existed for five years.

Experiential Worship

Many churches use worship music as a “warm up act” to get people ready for the message. As a result, many don’t even sing or express their love for God in the main service. Our church will hold a high value in experiencing God in expressing emotional enthusiastic worship to God. I want our worship and singing time to be like Hillsongs in its intensity and authenticity.

Encounter the Word

There are two streams in the main service time: worshipping God in Spirit and Truth. Many churches who hold a high value in Spirit worship drop the ball in Truth worship. The messages are superficial or lack deep study in the Bible.

Our church will be a “Bible church” where we teach expositionally and exegetically from God’s Word. We seek to be relevant and inspirational, but you will walk out of the service with a clear understanding of the Bible passage and how to apply it to your life. We seek an equal balance of Spirit and Truth.

Discipleship Driven

The Mission Statement of our church is that it exists to develop deep disciples who will impact and influence their culture through committed Christlikeness.

The main purpose of our church is to develop disciples. Our vision is to create a Camp Pendleton-type church in which people are being trained how to be not a marine, but a missionary to their culture. This requires a strong discipleship process that we are developing before we launch the church.

One feature that will be interesting about our church is that we will purchase a retreat center so that we can have regular getaways and retreats for the purpose of training and bonding. If marine reservists have to train once a month to keep themselves sharp, I know disciples should as well.

Missional Mindset

We want to be  always looking outward. There are many churches that exist as country clubs, looking inward to keep their people happy. They would never turn away a seeker that comes to them, but their posture is only attractional, not incarnational.

Our church will seek to get into our community. Our Jerusalem is  Walnut/Diamond Bar. Our Judea & Samaria is Diamond Bar, Walnut, and Pomona. We will create a culture where we are always seeking to reach someone with the gospel. We will be discipling our people to be missionaries to their culture and sphere of influence.

Multiplying Multi-Ethnicity

Our goal will be to plant churches in foreign nations, i.e. “the ends of the earth.” In the next 5 years, I would like to plant a church in South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, or Laos). In the future I would like to plant a thriving church in Japan. I want to plant churches in China and India. I truly desire to fulfill my calling as a prophet to the nations.

Along with churches, we want to build Christian schools that will not only teach secular curriculum but also the truths of God’s Word. We also desire to build orphanages to develop children as deep disciples.

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  1. […] Planting more churches through Commission Church has always been in my vision, but I never imagined that we would be helping other church plants so soon. I can only thank God for providing such a talented team to put on preview services of a caliber that other church plants would seek to emulate. This is a true reflection of our core value to be a multiplying ministry. […]

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