Praise Series: Conflict Redeemed

In his account of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah warned against outside discouragement and internal division (Nehemiah 5). Both are strategies that Satan uses to oppose the work of God.

The last few weeks has seen an intense ramping up of planning for upcoming servant evangelism projects and our three preview services. Our last couple core group meetings have lasted well into late Sunday afternoons, and the planning continues into the week in the form of emails, phone calls, texts, and more meetings.

They say that church planting is like flying an airplane and building it at the same time. Our group is no different. Most of us have only known each other a few months, and are now having to collaborate on logistically complex projects while getting to know each other’s histories and personalities. In the frenetic pace we’ve been keeping, there is bound to be conflict.

Yet, God has been faithfully working through our lives to tell Commission Church’s story.

For example, our very first group effort was a servant evangelism project at the Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival. On the scale of possible first projects, this is huge. But we decided this was God’s timing, and wholeheartedly went to work to prepare for our first contact with the public as a church.

In the last two weeks since we began planning for the pumpkin festival, we’ve gone from a website and a Facebook page to business cards, mailers, banners, T-shirts, pens, name tags – because we realized that we aren’t just preparing for a one-day festival. We are laying the groundwork for the next few months, from preview services to launch.

With so much on the line, we were all beginning to feel the pressure. One of the teams had a disagreement that resulted in hurt feelings. Apologies were made privately, but Satan had planted a seed that could have festered into something bigger.

The following Sunday, Pastor Dave’s message was on Nehemiah 5:1-19 about selfishness being the root cause of division. It was exactly what the team needed to hear. The team was convicted by God’s reminder that it is His church and no one else’s. Upon learning what happened, Pastor Dave and Joanne were both amazed at how God used the sermon, which was not purposely aimed at anyone.

Another instance in which God has shown us favor was in allowing our very presence at the pumpkin festival. We met some opposition initially, but were able to secure permission to have our booth.

These are just a few examples of the amazing way in which God has been working in us and through us. Our upcoming preview services are an even more ambitious undertaking. Will you join us in building God’s kingdom, brick by brick?


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