Mighty Men and Women

Nehemiah had many people who helped him rebuild the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3). The project could not have succeeded without faithful and committed builders. As I told my wife one day after devotions, “Honey, we need to pray for mighty men and women to join the core group.” Since then, we have been praying, “Lord please bring to us mighty men and women to build this church.”

God has been answering this prayer in an amazing way, and I believe he will continue to bring the right people at the right time. Throughout the summer and in recent weeks, God has gathered a special group of people, all different yet united by their love for Him and commitment to the vision He has set forth.

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I know the Lord has brought each of these individuals for this particular time. The following is a partial list of those for whom we are so thankful:

  • A pair of seminary-trained newlyweds who together have a passion for children’s ministry
  • A family from our daughter’s school with two young boys and an irresistible warmth, not to mention graphic design and dance skills
  • A family from one of our old churches with two kids and endless humor and generosity, especially when it comes to food and cooking
  • A young couple who tirelessly puts on praise and worship every Sunday morning
  • An entrepreneur who is up for anything
  • A former Jehovah’s Witness and her son who brighten up every room they are in
  • A pair of siblings who are new to life in America and learning to plant new spiritual roots
  • A PhD student with a heart of gold, an amazing career ahead of her, and invaluable experience working with students
  • A married couple blessed with web design, writing, and project management skills

Thank you, God, for these “builders of the wall.” May you continue to bring mighty men and women in your perfect timing to build this church!


  1. David, my family and I are thankful for your message this past Sunday. Very timely. May Jesus surround you with mighty folks that can minister along your side. For His glory’s sake…Mike

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