Introducing, Our Logo

We’ve been struggling with finding an image that will embody what Commission Church stands for, and be simple, unique, and instantly recognizable. We wanted something that would look good in monochromatic printing (for when we can only print in grayscale), and that would look good as an icon for our online presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

As we looked at possible symbols, we realized that there is very little that has not already been done (and overdone) in terms of Christian imagery: cross, church, house, door, road/path, dove, olive branch, leaf, heart, people holding hands, clasped hands, sunlight, light, fire, flame, torch, water, stream, stone, rock, fish, thorns, crown, etc.

One morning, I suddenly thought of a golden trumpet. I don’t know where the thought came from, but it was really random. Maybe it’s from that Casting Crowns song “One Day” that we sing at Cornerstone, with the bridge, “one day the trumpet will sound of his coming.” Or maybe because of the use of the trumpet in Revelations as a sign of victory and the resurrection. Or the fact that the trumpet can represent a call or a summons to a divine and solemn purpose: in our case, church planting, and in the unbeliever’s case, a relationship with God.

When I told my husband Dave, he was excited and immediately started sketching. He tried representations of the trumpet as a musical instrument, but they looked too much like the logo for a musical group or marching band.

We knew we needed to boil the idea of the trumpet call down to its most basic form. Our understanding of “the call” is: (1) it is the precursor to the commissioning, and (2) it is the broadcasting and spreading of the gospel.

The result was a logo that we believe is clean, simple, and meaningful. The two semi-circles represent the two “C”‘s of the name of Commission Church. The sideways wi-fi signal is an abstract profile of the head of a trumpet, to illustrate a signal broadcasting and calling out. The dot in the middle can be seen as the starting point, the Holy Spirit that empowers and urges us out.

You may have noticed our website has been revamped recently. Hopefully the new logo and site convey our desire to be organic, authentic, and fresh.


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